To WordPress or Not To WordPress ?

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 August 28, 2015

WordPress is a open source, content management system (CMS) based on a scripting language (PHP) and a back-end database (MySQL). This free, yes, I said free… platform initially developed to build blogs is the CMS that now creates wonderful websites like the one you are currently on. With features like plugins and templates, and themes, WordPress is one of , if not the most popular CMS in use on the web. With that tidbit of information in mind should you go with a WordPress blog or website? Hmmm, that cant be answered with out briefly checking out the Pros and Cons, so lets get right to it.


Its a open source structure – many programmers openly share their code online, which results in the ability of users to save in developing time and costs by using existing code already written.

Fast Construction – one of the main advantages of WordPress is its ability to be easily installed on a hosting server so Alpha 3 Technologies (wink, wink) can start working with it within a short timespan.


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